Sales Assets
From self-shipping and Shopify Fulfillment Network from its initial launch to its current iteration, both products required various design solutions to effectively communicate and persuade merchants to become shipping/SFN users. These designs took many shapes and forms, in multiple touchpoints: from awareness email communications, slide presentations and custom rate cards for prospects, to bottom-of-funnel microsites, walkthrough videos, and onboarding visuals. Here is a collection of the most unique ones I've developed at Shopify

► Project Role: Lead Designer  
► Date: 2019-2022 
► Client: Shopify
☻ Team: Marketing UX, Content Design, Product Marketing, Data, Product Design, Dev.  
Sales to onboarding

We worked on designing the entire path that SFN prospects would take to become SFN users, from designing the public-facing website, to onboarding to the app screens. For the latter, I had the opportunity of designing and illustrating steps of the onboarding process in Shopify's design system 'Polaris'. As well as abstracted screens of the app, for SFN app empty state pages.
Custom rate cards for merchants

A major update in Shopify Fulfillment happened in early 2021. Product features were modified, the pricing model changed and network capabilities were updated, we needed multiple assets to support those updates in marketing and sales touchpoints.  

One of those assets was rate cards, which needed tp to have specific custom data for over 200 merchants! So with the help of Figma templates + plugins + spreadsheets, we were able to come up with an almost 'one-click' solution for it. With no heavy manual work, an automatic process was triggered and we were able to produce +200 pdf rate cards for our merchants.
These rate cards included multiple custom data points and branded components for each merchant. When exported they were '3-pagers' pdfs with value props, rate cards, pricing model information, and all that customized for each one of the +200 merchants. 
Sales to Onboarding emails

The sales team was reaching out to merchants with 1.1 communications from their email accounts. Since each sales rep was handling multiple prospects, sending 1.1 branded comms takes a lot of time when not having templates, and personal email accounts don't have as many custom tools as needed....we came up with a solution for this. We designed and templatize all the pieces of the process in figma, building them in a way we could then export the code, that after, were added to the email accounts as templates ready to use. It was a complex process, that evolved into a simple straightforward way to send branded curated comms.
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