Shopify Swag
As part of Shopify's teams, I had the opportunity of creating multiple internal assets. Teams showed their accomplishments and sense of belonging through various swag items such as stickers, prints, hoodies, t-shirts, 

► Project Role: Illustrator / Designer 
► Date: 2018 - 2022
► Client: Shopify's internal teams
☻ Team: Shipping team, UX Ops, Shopify Fulfillment, Logistics  
Shopify Fulfillment animated stickers

For internal and external use we created a series of Shopify Fulfillment Stickers. I illustrated and produced physical versions to add to merchants' care packages. And we collaborated with a talented in-house animator to produce digital versions for internal purposes.
Shopify + Deliver, coins and internal tool 'pin'

With Deliverr acquisition, the team prepared multiple activities and swag components to make both teams interact and bond. I designed and produced physical coins and digital 'vault' pins.
Delivery Expectations
The team planned activities that included sending postcards to each other,
they were also accompanied by cool stickers. 
Logistics hoodies and jackets
The Shopify Logistics team announced their team name
along with some cool swag pieces for their members.
Fulfillment centers 2020 BFCM swag
 We designed t-shirt designs for fulfilment center workers,
as a gift to prepare for BFCM peak season.
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